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We are open to serve your building projects!


Isolina develops, manufactures and markets products based on flax.
This natural fibre combines elements that make it an ideal material for insulation:
it breathes, absorbing and exhaling excessive humidity.

Flax has been in use for thousands of years as a textile fibre.
Already in ancient Egypt, more than 7000 years ago, linen fabrics were used to wrap mummies.
These fabrics have survived till this day.
There are about 200 different flax varieties with beautiful blue, red, white or yellow flowers.
The scenic blue flax fields yield fibres that form the basis for efficient heat insulation for our homes.

The main product line consists of sustainable thermal and acoustical insulation products.

Our products are made of flax and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

ISOLINA linen insulation; pellevaeriste; nauhat; linisolering; linull; drev; linisolasjon; laftevatt


  1. breathing construction
  2. natural fibre: natural advantages
  3. better indoor climate
  4. sustainable construction

In the old days, most houses were poorly insulated but they were able to breathe.
As a consequence, a lot of heat was lost, but the inside air quality
was in many cases better than nowadays.
On the positive side, current houses are generally much better insulated than before.
The downside results from the plastic foils necessary with traditional insulating materials
in the wall and roof constructions:
First of all, they can have a negative influence on the indoor air quality, because the interior gets too humid. Secondly, trapped moisture in the construction may create big problems.

Flax insulation offers the best of both worlds:
a good thermal and acoustical insulation combined with the ability to exhale excess humidity
from the wall and roof construction.

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