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For use under parquet, laminate and wooden floors.
Manufactured by felting of flax fibres on the needle loom.
Available in two thicknesses; 6 and 8 mm.
Very good resistance against tearing, elongation about 25 %, high compression resistance.
Good contact noise shielding.


Acoustical insulation: contact noise and ambient noise abatement.
Thermal insulation: Isolina flax under carpet insulates the floor from the colder underground
without obstructing warmth from underfloor heating, if any, reaching the (wooden) upper floor.
Fast installation due to widths up of 1,1 m or 2,2 m at 21 m length (respectively 23,1 m2 and 46,2 m2).
The product compensates small differences in the evenness of the underfloor
and facilitates differences in expansion and crimp between underfloor and upper floor.


Flax-based under parquet reduces walking and talking noise, shields from cold undergrounds,
compensates uneven underfloors and allows unequal creep of upper- and underfloor.
Manufactured by felting of flax fibres on the needle loom.
Available in three thicknesses to accomodate different situations.
The product is a good example of sustainable construction; made from renewable raw material, environmentally friendly, long lasting and recycleable.
Isolina under parquet can be laid directly over the dry concrete floor, without chemical incompatibilities.


When installing this acoustical insulation material the following guidelines should be observed
for best sound shielding effect:

  1. The supporting floor must be even and dry.
    Irregularities shall be removed before installation.
  2. Under parquet mat shall be over-sized by 5 cm on all outsides facing walls or other structures. After installation of the parquet and lists, the superfluous material can be cut away. This way, the sound-proofing material seals-off the floor-to-wall seam. Butted joints of under parquet mat should be taped.
  3. Floor surface shall be totally covered with noise dampening material to avoid any acoustical bridges and sound leaks.


  • Flax under parquet consists of: flax fibre and a textile binder fibre
  • Linen insulation has a natural fibre smell that will diminish over time
  • Thermal conductivity: λ10 = 0.038 W/mK, acc. ISO 8301 / DIN 52616 and WLG 040 acc. DIN 18165
  • Acoustical insulation: Delta Lw = 20 dB / Delta Llin = 10 dB,
    Walking-noise attenuation (L.) at 500 Hz = 20 dB according ISO 140/VIII - 1978
  • Specific heat capacity: c = 1600 J/kgK
  • Water vapour diffusion coefficient: μ = 1-2 according DIN 52615 / DIN 4108-5
  • Humidity sorption: according EN-ISO 12571 / DIN 52620
  • Estimated service life: minimum 75 years

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