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  1. Why does your company make thermal- and sound insulation from the natural fiber flax / linen?
    Flax combines various elements that make it an ideal material for insulation purposes.
    Kindly refer to the insulation page or the general brochure for a full explanation.

  2. How do Isolina's products handle moisture?
    Because the flax fibers we use are hollow, our insulation products have the ability
    to transport moisture without self getting wet, whilst preserving their insulation properties.
    By virtue of this, they can (de)humidify their surroundings and themselves much faster than some other insulation materials, that loose an important part of their insulating properties when wet.

  3. How to cut these products?
    Flax insulation of 50mm can be cut with scissors. Till 100mm thickness an insulation cutting knife
    with a wavy blade will do. Thicker products can be cut with an angle grinder fitted with
    a metal cutting disc or with a bandknife without teeth.
    Please refer to the brochure with cutting instructions.

  4. How many years will these insulating products last?
    Tests by NIBE, an independent Dutch ecological test and certification institute,
    have shown an estimated technical lifetime of at least 75 years.

  5. How about the noise damping properties?
    Even our thermal insulating products offer outstanding noise muffling properties
    and are comparable to similar insulations.

  6. Are Isolina's products available throughout the year?
    Because we have supply contracts for the natural produce flax,
    we can manufacture the products throughout the year.

  7. What application areas do your products cover?
    Available are products for insulating walls, roofs, floors, logs, windows, doors and other constructions. They make a very good combination with other materials that have the natural possibility to breathe
    as well, like wood. They do not only provide a very good thermal insulation but also muffle noise well.

  8. What materials are used for Isolina's products?
    The main material is an outstanding quality flax fiber with a small percentage of supportive
    recycled textile fiber. For flame retardant a non-toxic, environmentally friendly agent is used.
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