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  • Sealing of doors & windows in their frame

Linen based sealing band simplifies and accellerates the installation of doors & windows in the building frame.


Installation-system consisting of the actual sealing band manufactured in a special 3D-airlaid process,
a compression & expansion helper-strip and clear graphical step-by-step instructions.
Thickness before compression is 30 mm to suit typical frame tolerances.
Roll length 10 m. Available widths range between 50 - 300 mm with 10 mm increments.
Isolina has developed this product in cooperation with one of Finland's leading house factories
to guarantee insulation where it counts. Thermal imaging IR camera pictures revealed large heat losses
around doors and windows.
Sealing band ensures a perfect seal all around the door and window frames, whereby the insulation is
as good as the insulation layer in the surrounding walls.
Sealing band installation takes place at the same time as door & window frames are placed in the building frame.

Unlike possible with spray-foams, the ISOLINA sealing band:
* does not deteriorate / turn to dust under the influence of sunlight or frost
* can be installed at every temperature
* does not contain harmful substances


All thermal insulating materials and techniques base on the principle of standing air,
or lack thereof (vacuum).
Unfortunately, many thermal insulation applications that were carefully calculated, in practice offer a very much lower insulating value. This is mainly due to gaps in the airshield and areas that have too little or no insulation at all.
The moving air results in loss of heat, but a more serious threat is the carried-along humidity escaping into the wall or roof construction.


A common reason for heat-loss is the lack of a proper insulation seal around door- & window frames
or faulty installed airshields in those areas. These lacking elements have a very negative effect
on the insulation of the surrounding wall.
For example:
Through a seam of just 1mm in one m2 (or a small hole of 3x3cm = 0.001m2, which is only 0.1%)
of 150 mm thick insulating layer with vapour barrier paper under normal temperature and humidity conditions will escape about five times more heat due to moving air than through the whole insulated m2.
This means that the U-value for this m2 is about five times worse (higher) than it would be without this gap!
An additional problem is that the escaping warm air can carry high concentrations of water vapour
into the wall that, when trapped behind plastic foils, can create serious problems there.
That is why the careful installation of airshields is so important and why diffusion-open building papers
in combination with the breathing flax insulation can have a positive effect on the construction as well.


  • very good thermal and acoustical insulating properties
  • flax insulation offers excellent temperature buffering
    characteristics, resulting in gradual temperature changes for a comfortable indoor living climate
  • very good “breathing” properties due to its hollow-fibre composition
    which can have beneficial effects on surrounding constructions as well.


The use of sealing band is possible with new constructions or during renovations.
Please familiarise yourself with the separately downloadable instructions, guiding you step-by-step
through the total installation process.


Download brochure ISOLINA PDF

Installation instructions ISOLINA PDF

Download measurements ISOLINA PDF

Download cutting instructions ISOLINA PDF
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